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The world’s most complete illustrated color guide and reference on United States Military Patches (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia). Covers World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Kuwait, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq to present. Over 4,400 Military Patches in color for the Army, Marines, Army Air Force, Navy and Special Forces. Grouped by service from Armies to Regiments, from Airborne to Armor, from Infantry to Artillery all of the services are covered. With way over 4,000 different full color military patches the guide provides the most complete and detailed reference of United States Military unit identification patches in the world. All three smaller earlier editions of this guide have sold out and have become valuable collectors items and treasured references for veterans, collectors and historians. I do not recommend the softcover as it is an early version and is a print on demand copy. The hardback is beautifully printed with heavy paper and excellent color and is really a bargain at $29.95. If you want to copy any of the images from the hardback just send us a request and we will approve it.

Size: 81/2” x 11” 162 pages, all color

BK 45 Hardback 1-884452-34-5 $29.95
BK 44 Softback 1-884452-35-3 $24.95