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  • All color, 192 page and lavishly illustrated this brand new book covers;
  • History of United States Air Force Military Medals
  • Types of Military Medals, Ribbons and Devices
  • How to Determine a Veteran’s Military Medals, Ribbons and Devices
  • Displays of Air Force Veteran’s Medals, World War II to Present
  • Issue of U.S. Medals to Veterans, Retirees, and Their Families
  • Wear of Decorations, Medals and Insignia by Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve
  • Wear of Medals, Insignia and the Uniform by Veterans and Retirees
  • Visual History of AAF and USAF Ribbon Awards,
  • Order of Precedence and Attachments
  • Current USAF Ribbons, Order of Precedence and Devices
  • All Air Force Decorations, Medals, and Ribbons
  • Foreign Decorations often awarded to Air Force Personnel
  • United Nations Medals authorized Air Force (USAF) Personnel
  • NATO Medals authorized Air Force (USAF) Personnel
  • Foreign Campaign Medals Commonly Awarded Air Force (USAF) Personnel