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Types of U.S. Marine Awards and Decorations

        The United States Marine Corps, being part of the U.S. Naval Service, follows the same awards program as the United States Navy. The awards program is governed by the Department of the Navy, but administered by the Corps. Most of the awards and decorations are the same for both the Navy […]

Purple Heart

The Purple Heart is America’s oldest military decoration. It was originally established on August 7, 1782 by General George Washington who designed the original award called the “Badge of Military Merit.” The Badge of Military Merit was awarded for singularly meritorious action to a deserving hero of the Revolutionary War. There were only three known […]

The Beginning of Military Awards

The Beginning of Military Awards can be traced to the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks but the Roman Legions were the first to organize an award system honoring their soldiers for bravery and service. Once recognized Roman soldiers wore these decorations in battle, parades and displayed them in their homes after their military service. If […]